Blessed with a sound that was praised by Herbie Hancock as "refreshing like a breath of fresh air in the country,” vocalist and songwriter Bethany Wild has established herself as a premier talent whose musical range encompasses jazz standards, pop music and original compositions with effortless grace.  

Hailing from Detroit and growing up in a jazz-loving household, Bethany moved to New York to work at A&R Recording Studios, an experience that inspired her to launch her own record company, Tsukimaro Records, and produce her own music.

As a bandleader, Bethany has produced several critically acclaimed pop albums, notably  Closer to  You, Ruby Sings, Hummingbird  Street and her latest release, Summertime. 

A soulful singer of Great American Songbook standards, Bethany performs in and around Manhattan, for private events with her quartet/quintet and continues to develop her unique vision as a recording artist. 















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Live in NYC at Iridium Jazz Club

*************************************** Live at Iridium Jazz Club with Dave Meade- drums/ Fima Ephron - bass/ Glafkos Kontemeniotis - piano ***************************************


Original Pop Music



**************************************** This live performance at 'SGI-USA Artists For Peace Concert' in NY was used as part of a promo package for the funding of "Hummingbird Street". ***************************************